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Often inspired from my travels around the globe, I aim to create collections for the modern day women aged 20-25.  Concepts of my work look towards artistic directions of sculptors, artists, fashion designers and architectures, with an added in depth influence from culture and heritage.  “Contiguity” looks towards the idea of juxtaposing linear and curved lines influenced by two architects, Daniel Libeskind and Anotni Gaudi.  Furthermore culture from Daniel Libeskind’s building the Jewish Museum, inspired print and initial silhouette designs from clothing prisoners wore in concentration camps during World War II.  My next area of interest is to move forward with my fashion design ideas, but I also have a strong interest for creative direction within research for trends and marketing.



Mobile:  07889 690633

Instagram:  @ciara.ah.sullivan

Artshtread:  Ciara Sullivan

Linkedin:  Ciara Sullivan


1_Ciara Sullivan_ Concept board

2_Ciara Sullivabn_ collection board

3_Ciara Sullivan_Collection board 2

4_Ciara Sullivan_Collection line up

5_Ciara Sullivan_Topshop concept

6_Ciara Sullivan_Topshop line up

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