Isobel Ives

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I am a passionate Womenswear student, soon to be a graduate, with a love for

colour. My interests in fashion include asymmetry, oversizing and textiles/ surface design. As a confident user of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I enjoy illustrating and creating flat specs.

My final collection was inspired by the theme of ‘a play on madness’, taking inspiration from asylum patients, concentration camp prisoners, asymmetrical angles and nuns. From those original concepts, I created designs that later became colourful when I looked to Leigh Bowery for colour inspiration. I included lettering and codes on two of my tops in velvet devore as another way to incorporate the eerie military and concentration camp influences.

My Topshop project was inspired by 90s techno ravers as well as trends I researched on WGSN. Within this project I designed by own digital print and also created some fabric through heat pressing Angelina fibres.
LINE UP all together
final collection board 1
TOPSHOP board 2
TOPSHOP board 1
TOPSHOP full line up2

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