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I am a creative individual with strong attention to detail. I have a particular interest in sewing and enjoy spending time developing garments; whether it be from paper patterns or draping on a mannequin. I look to create that handcrafted feel within my work, so that the wearer knows the effort that has gone into the manufacturing.

My most current work was inspired by a trip I took to Sweden. Whilst I was there I stayed in a small village in the rural areas, exploring the location and meeting some of the community. I took a keen interest in the forest workers which led to me using utility wear. I then combined this with traditional Swedish folk dress, taking the key silhouettes and developing them. A technique that I focused on was embroidery, experimenting with colour, scale and placement. An eclectic mix of fabrics including upholstery as well as fashion fabrics were used, displaying a mix of pattern and texture. The embroidery was then layered onto it, creating a striking, but complimentary contrast.


1 design board
2 muse board
3 leather pocket
4 GFW final line up
5 concept board SC
6 topshop line up

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