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Alice Hunt

          N E O F A U N A

          /ˈniːəʊ, ˈfɔːnə/

adjective/ noun

Direct translation: ‘New Animals’

Nature Reclaims; it grows from the inside out, until we and it become one.

The SS2020 graduate collection NEOFAUNA by Alice Hunt originally took inspiration from Fungi. The concept of nature reclaiming the human body and growing out from within it inspired the designer to delve deep into fungal imagery and create a collection where lines seem to flow out of the body, and where skin and material seem to become one. A new type of animal.

Complex line work and overly organic textures evolved through sampling into a project showcasing a year long experiment with form.

Machine Knitting with cotton yarns and transparent monofilament create a contemporary response to the randomness within organic textures. The designers lack of experience within knitwear before this collection also allowed for a less polished approach to creating texture and form, reinforcing a natural and imperfect aesthetic.

Hand draping with translucent Crin (usually used in millinery) allowed the designer to explore intricate line work found in fungal forms. The unpredictability of the material allowed for a flow and organicness to each line, resulting in a delicate and intricate element to the collection.



Gloria Ogunyinka