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Anabelle Shortland


My final collection ‘to be verified,’ is inspired by modern day social media and the constructed lives we feed ourselves with daily, specifically targeting the filtered reality posted on Instagram. The initial concept stemmed from an online model called Lil Miquela who, despite being one of Instagram’s biggest influencers, is actually CGI and doesn’t exist. Her oversaturated posts and filtered posts kickstarted my initial interest into online presence and how untrustworthy it is. I use colour to reference the oversaturated feeds, whilst contrasting this with high vis workwear shaping. This allows me to demonstrate not only todays need to be seen but also the level of construction that takes part in creating our social media lifestyles. I want my collection to say something, encouraging people to take a step back from social media, and not take everything so seriously and literally. Our generation are particularly interested in mental health and the affect it is having on rising teen suicides, therefore I want to remind people that social media should be viewed with caution. It shouldn’t be misused. It is not a toy. ​

Instagram : @ansoneire


Gloria Ogunyinka