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Dominic Read

SET SAIL – A COWARDS TALE : Build Boats Not Walls.

Through this collection I have bridged the gap between formal menswear and streetwear through a delicate, thought out approach. I took inspiration from traditional Nautical men’s tailoring and more modern, comfortable cuts and silhouettes taken from skateboarding culture. Easy to wear, slouchy, couch tailoring; the garments create an elegant view on day to day clothing perfectly suited for formal occasions and an active lifestyle.

In Set Sail I have used a variety of different textile techniques and a plethora of materials but I have focussed on natural fibres in order to reduce the environmental impact of the garments. I have sought to increase the aesthetic and material value of the garments through adorning them with hand and digital embroidery and printing; the aim being to offer my customer a product that they can truly love and care for many, many years after they have bought it. All of the imagery within the collection I have hand drawn myself and the transposed onto fabric through various textile techniques.

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