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Esme Evans

I am a womenswear and menswear designer, I like to take an explorative and playful approach to design, exploring relevant issues/ideas in society in a playful manor through pushing and exploiting textiles. I aim to create clothes that are both beautiful and relevant. contrasting intricate detailing, embellishment and fabrication, with androgynous shapes and experimental textiles. I’m inspired by juxtapositions and ideals, fascinated with psychology and and sociology and it’s effects on the way we perceive ourselves and others. I hope to create garments that allow people to feel confident, and that create a conversation.

My graduate collection, was inspired by the distorted perceptions we have of people, taking inspiration from traditional tailoring and regal costume. Playing with manipulating print, distorting imagery and traditional silhouettes, and creating versions of versions of textiles. When we see people in a suit or uniform, formally dressed or just presenting a well put together exterior we immediately lean towards the assumption that they are ‘in control’ , they know exactly what they are doing. Like wise with the royal family, we assign them this serious stereotype. I wanted to show that underneath we are all only human. We are all doing everything for the first time, thus there is always a certain lack of control, ‘freestyling’, ‘winging it’. We are all a bit bonkers.

We wrap ourselves up and put on a face, so that no one could tell we have no idea what we are doing.

Instagram: @esme.evans
Phone: 07570808853

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