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Freya Scoggins

This collection combines the art and innovation of the Italian Renaissance with modern industrial functionalism and computer programming. The word “renaissance” means “rebirth”, and was an intense period of rediscovery and innovation in art and science. We are going through a renaissance now, a rediscovery of information through the Internet, and innovation in technology. In the knitwear pieces a renaissance poem, said to inspire Botticelli’s Primavera, is translated into binary code and knitted on a punchcard operated knitting machine. The garments are ornate and luscious, as in the renaissance style, but practical and contemporary to the modern renaissance woman.

I have developed my own textiles for this collection, creating my own knitwear pieces, screen printing the binary code pattern onto jersey to mimic the simple stripes of a t-shirt, and layering up over 100 ruffles to create the raised textures on my shorts and jacket.

I enjoy working through all stages of producing a collection, researching in depth to find my inspiration, as well as working practically to come up with new design ideas. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in womenswear, potentially working more with knitwear to develop this technique, in a smaller ready to wear brand which allows me to work across different areas.


Instagram: @fms_fashion

Freya Scoggins