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Georgina Carman

I’m a Womenswear Designer with an eye for intricate detailing and challenging colour combinations. My final collection is inspired by WWI military influences which inspired the use poppies, that I developed to include the blossoming of flowers. I have challenged fit and proportion through the creative use of CAD embroidery combined with pleating and I’ve contrasted this boldness with delicate femininity using embellishments supplied by Swarovski. I like to challenge myself in resolving technical pattern construction.

I’m excited by all aspects of Fashion – the research and design stages where I’m able to be creative, the technical where I can bring my inspiration to life, and promoting my work where I can style, photograph and present my ideas.

Photographer: Kyran Reid @kyranreid
Photographer: Chris Harvey
Catwalk Photos: Lorna Kelley @lornakelleyphotography


Instagram: @geefashionprofile
Phone: 07760106187

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