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Gloria Ogunyinka

Spot the Real Thug is a satirical collection focussing on the designers heritage, an interesting mix of Nigerian and Liverpudlian, taking inspiration from football hooliganism in the 1980s. It’s intention is to provoke conversation about what it means to be mixed race, growing up in a world where they’re considered half of something, and never quite enough to be considered truly either.  

The collection also takes a serious tone, evoking guests to think about society, with the name “Spot The Real Thug” taken from an article in the 1980s, on how to spot a football hooligan simply by how they dress. The quote “the bovver-booted model on the left looks ready for a punch-up but the casually dressed model on the right is wearing the new disguise”, inspired the designer to look at how in society, black men are statistically more likely to be accused of committing a crime simply by how they look, rather than what they’re doing. A topic the designer feels strongly about, after the death of Trayvon Martin and the way the case was handled.

Instagram: @GLRGNYNK

Photography by @jadeberry___

Gloria Ogunyinka