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Jack Fenn

Taking the name from the Edgar Degas painting “The Dance Lesson” the collection draws on the inspiration of ballet costume, something that has been a constant in my development of shape and line and a feeling of rhythm across the collection. This year I was lucky enough to have a garment of mine featured in the “Two lives in Colour” exhibition, an event celebrating the work of the EAAF scholarship benefactors. My collection has been developed from the continued exploration of unconventional women’s tailoring, posture and form. I am proud to say that this collection is a true culmination of my research and the advancement of my design and manufacture. I have worked on the collection as a whole to ensure a strong coherence between the outfits and each outfit denotes a characteristic theme of my work. Rhythm, Fragility, Ballet, Sensitivity, Modernity and Femininity.

Gloria Ogunyinka