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Jerry Huang

My name is Xingkai Huang, English name as Jerry. I am passionate with art and design, the desire for creation can always indulges me. I have delved into many different areas of arts, especially in fashion. The deep study makes me skillful, hand drawing, pattern cutting, tailoring are all my strengths. I am fascinated by the knowledges and aesthetic that cultures brings me, they inspire my creation and my design aesthetic, especially the oriental cultures (Chinese and Japanese). My dream is to become a designer / an artist using my creation to bring the eastern cultures and inspire the western world.

The name of the collection is LIMITLESS, which is mean there are no limit between the West and the East, everything can be connected.

So the concept of the collection is “When traditional Japanese culture connected with modern fashion”.

The inspriations behind the design are come from 6 different Japanese culture elements: Artisan, Samurai, House, Festive, Religion and Ideology of the Zen.


Instagram: @hhjerry
Phone: +44 7454681533
+86 13825060841

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