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Joseph Sullivan

I design what would probably be considered club-wear but borrow from sportswear, gay culture, erotic apparel, music, bondage, pornography, art etc. I also try to incorporate conceptual elements into my work and allude to or attach other themes/ideas important to me into my work. I add a layer of expression and in the case of my graduate collection I express visually ideas of corporate corruption through graphics and print. I’m inspired by a range of things, sexuality, human psychology, the subconscious, areas of art and illustration even tattoo artists, and pornography can inspire me to think about the body from sometimes ignored angles and points of view.

I’m often inspired by the work both of designer level creatives and smaller scale brands; favourites would be N2N, Versace, Nasir Mazhar, Helmut Lang, Natsypig and Ruffskin. I would especially love to work for Nasir Mazhar or Ruffskin. My drive to create comes from a higher goal or place and one of my interests is the truth and morality.

Photographer: @eloiseshawuk


Instagram: @joseph_sullivan_design

Freya Scoggins