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Kristina Gailiūtė


My inspiration comes from the focus between t “Line in between darkness/lightness of humanity” as I was always interested in things that I am afraid of. This is why my collection is called “TORTURING INNOCENCE 19/20”. I combined dark elements which had a powerful impact in my design development and focussed on bringing mystery through extreme shapes and textures to make my model show strength and independence.

Another aspect of my collection is INNOCENCE, which helps balance out the dark aesthetic and add more of a soft feminine touch to my pieces. I combined heavy and light fabrics such as snake skin, bonded technical mesh, jersey etc. I finished my garments with raw edges and top stitch detailing, to show my attention to detail and add an element of uniqueness.


Instagram: @kristinagailiute
Photography by Kev Foster
Modelled by Laura Jellings

Gloria Ogunyinka