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Latitia Greiner



My aim for this collection is to challenge the established perceptions of beauty and the female body, exploring the variations of the female form. My collection is inspired by surrealist photography and art particularly focusing on the female body has inspired my collection, celebrating the female form, showing new ideals of beauty developing from a long history of body modification through dress, looking at clothing worn for the express purpose of manipulating the natural female form. Allowing me to recreate historical exaggerations in a contemporary minimal way, exaggerations that restrict, pad and minimise zones of the body. Distorting and abstracting the female silhouette, The mirror being another inspiration for my collection. “Women adopted surrealism as a tool to look inward and explore there own realities” i’ve used the mirror concept reframing the body to take on new unexpected forms. Reveal/ conceal elements.

Latitia Greiner

Mob: 07889291842 Instagram: @latitia.greiner

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