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Nina Law

My name is Nina and I am a fashion designer based in London who is obsessed with the colour red.
My work is inspired by literature and is designed to make a prominent social or cultural statement. My garments are dramatic and often feature bold colours, prints and unusual textures.
My graduate collection is inspired by a book of poetry titled ‘Questions for Ada’. The first poem, called ‘Genesis’ consists of a single line – ‘In the beginning there were women.’
Therefore this collection is a story of the history of womanhood and a story of survival, hence the title. This is the story of Eve, of Joan of Arc but also about me, about my grandmother, of my mother.

The collection, like most of my work, aims to contrast high femininity, hence the use of sheers and florals, with a harsh brutal reality. This is reflected in the fabric choices, thick and rigid scubas and wools are paired with delicate chiffon. The use of metal work and welding creates a modern day armour for the modern day woman but also reflects on a main source of inspiration – Joan of Arc. Some pieces of the metal work reinvent medieval torture devices such as the scolds bridle which was used to physically silence a woman.

The collection from start to finish explores the female form and the different ways to manipulate and contour it. This is done through extensive panelling and use of line. The collection reaches the conclusion that the strongest form of woman is not one that is reconstructed, but one in its purest form. Hence the final look is a loose chiffon garment and exposes the body for what it truly is.

Photographer: Kyran Reid @kyranreid

Instagram: @nlf_collections
Phone: 0787 6322002

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