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Phoebe Constable
To coin a phrase from environmentalist Al Gore, it is an Inconvenient Truth and deeply saddening that my chosen industry is one of the main polluters of our natural world. Growing up by the coast, I have seen first-hand the continuing devastation that plastic has on our oceans and shorelines. As one of the most prevalent issues our society currently faces, my collection is inspired by our now synthetic seas. In order to try to shine a more positive light on the notion of plastics, and to provide a possible solution to help combat fashion’s destructive path, I imagined the potential to make a natural, bio-degradable plastic fabric that was fit for a fashion purpose. It’s no new fact that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by the year 2050, and I am lucky enough that I can do what I love to speak about sustainable issues, such as the plastic problem, which I am so passionate about. I think it’s vital to take a holistic
approach to sustainability, to not just be eco in one way, but in as many ways as possible which can be seen in my graduate collection; from proposing ways in which to recycle traditional plastics such as bubble wrap, to encompassing zero waste patterns of knitted textiles, to creating my own bio-plastic fabric, using natural yarns and fibres and taking a mix and match trans-seasonal approach to design to make garments that are longer lasting.

Gloria Ogunyinka