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Rachael Mansfield


The disputed link between Fashion and Art I made irrelevant I create, my focus lying solely on the
creation of something evocative and conceptual as opposed to anything for the mass market. I view
myself as an Artist whose chosen medium is Fashion, and through the garments worn on the body,
they speak to the wearers and the watchers about something of greater importance.
‘Infectious Evolution’ is the harsh, organic projection of our future selves, where Nature has
reclaimed all the artificial poison we have put into her, and redesigned a new superior species of
humanity which has emerges from the painful unity with the Natural and Artificial. It is a statement
of our failure as a population to respect our planet; in turn, I have created a series of garments
which lay these failing bare, as we identify with aspects of the form but lack any assured human
connection. Whether the garments suggest the growth of entities onto and within the form, the
revealing of the new form from the created shell, or the evolutionary additions which surpass our
comparatively fragile species, the collection is the vision of a terrifying reality. In creating this
collection, I myself gained a deeper understanding of the degree to which we have sullied our
planet- how one species whom suffer from our the most obsessive, abusive, and uncontrollable lust
to consume more- which will incur Natures relentless Wrath.

The collection, and my design aesthetic, are driven by this energy, vibrant and intangible, which
resonates from important ideals and morals to form the basis of every endeavour. Conceptual,

Intense, and Evocative: my creations should make you feel.



Gloria Ogunyinka