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Saffron Booker

‘Your Social Media is a Liar’ is a collection which explores how the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred online. It is an exploration into contemporary living and how what we see on social media, whether real or fake, shapes our perception of who we are and who we want to be.

It is an opportunity to question how we want to live as a society and raise awareness to how social media effects our own and others mental health.

Surface design techniques such as scorched plastics, glitches prints and cut outs quickly became a large part of the collection and are used to convey the pain and stress of the online system.

Aesthetic and practical elements of design have been contrasted thought the collection to interpret the difference between how people live their life online vs how they live in real life. These include details such as waterproof zippers, deep pockets and one off couture techniques which can only be created by hand.

Silhouettes and shapes form both traditional menswear tailoring and clergy clothing have been combined to create a ‘Wall Street Church’ look. References to the Catholic Church feature heavily within the collection as many elements social media can be compared to a modern religion.



Gloria Ogunyinka