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Stella Armstrong

NAME: Stella Armstrong

BIO: Visually translating everyday data into a creative format. Translating imagery into a three-dimensional outcome using data imagery to inspire shape, silhouette, print, and line. The overall outcome leads to a distorted representation of data, having aspects such as layering data, the shape of data and manipulating data imagery. When debating and considering fabric content within my collection, I considered a more ethical approach in my chosen fabrics. I began researching into the fur trade and its surrounding issues within the fashion industry. When researching into the unethical background into the fur trade, I began considering other fabric alternatives such as faux fur and other fabrics with optimal durability and long lasting nature; therefore, enabling my garments to be a more sustainable choice.



Instagram: @stellaafashion


Photography: Lorna Kelley @lornakelleyphotography

Kev Foster @kevfostercom

Model: Lauren Turner @laurengraceturner and @saffronbooker

Gloria Ogunyinka